Tuesday, March 1, 2011

G. Edward Griffin on Free Markets

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According to G. Edward Griffin, alternative markets ARE free markets. Alternative markets are an alternative to what? Controlled markets that prevent prosperity.
Free markets are ruled by consumer demand and producer supply. Major markets today are NOT free markets. They are ruled by small groups that have been given the power to intervene in the free exchange of supply and demand. Those who wield this power usually claim that they are acting on behalf of the greater good of society but, the reality is that, often, they serve hidden agendas that benefit themselves or those or those they covertly serve. 
Monopolies exist because of governmental regulations and are characterized by a lack of competition in the marketplace. Monopolies can be broken by removing these regulations. Only then will upstart competitors be able to break the monopolies. This is simple, but not easy because most people still suffer under the illusion that government regulation is in the interest of the public.