Monday, May 16, 2011

Will DSK Arrest Become the Catalyst for the Imprisonment/Execution of other Genocidal Bankers?

While we are not getting are hopes up, the news can sometime lead one to remain optimistic

CBS New York
A 32-year-old hotel worker told police she went in to clean what she thought was an empty, $3,000-a-night luxury suite. Police say the woman claims Strauss-Kahn came out of the bathroom naked. Police say the woman told them he chased her down a hallway before dragging her into a bedroom. The woman told police he sexually assaulted her there, but she managed to fight him off.
However, the woman claims he then dragged her into the bathroom and forced her to perform oral sex on him. He tried, according to the woman, to remove her underwear. She managed to break free, and reported the incident to hotel staff. 

These Financial Terrorist really do believe they run the world via their fraudulent fractional-reserve fiat monetary system. Perhaps the iron-clad arm restrictors will serve as reminder to thieving central planners like Strauss-Kahn what exactly happens when the peasants lose their appetite for the proverbial cake...

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