Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Libyan War About Oil and Controlling China

As the 'Arab Spring' continues unabated, the Libyan War, in which Obama promised would be "Days, not weeks", seems to be about more than just keeping the peace.

According to Dr. Paul Craig Roberts via PressTv

The crisis in Libya is mostly a “CIA operation and the US government is trying to get China out of Libya because China has extensive energy investments in Libya,” former Assistant Secretary to US Treasury Dr. Paul Craig Roberts told Press TV.
 “The US is very disturbed by the recent reports from the International Monetary Fund that China will surpass the US as the number one economic power within 5 years,” Roberts added. 
Indeed.  Just as of last year China surpassed the United States in energy consumption

Geo-politically speaking, Libya is rather a small exporter of oil to the US. But as we examine Libyan exports the picture becomes increasingly clear.


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